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100 rue de la Folie-Méricourt, (bat d)
75011 Paris

tel :+33 9 53 31 42 28


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tel : +33 9 53 31 42 28

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Shoes with a K like Karactère (Personality)

I've never been able to choose between CHIC and ANDROGYNOUS.

I ADMIRE you every morning and we stay together until late at NIGHT.

You are with me in the daytime, showing off  a variety of LOOKS.

Your loyalty stays with me even in my wildest DREAMS.

You incite jealousy but are ALWAYS  true to yourself.

You have always known how to be accessible without altering your own PERSONNALITY.

You LIGHT up my life and never stop REINVENTING yourself.

We share more than a simple RELATIONSHIP, but my life as a WOMAN.

I can't thank you enough for all these MOMENTS. I'm afraid I LOVE you too much.

You are my ANAKI SHOES.